Decision Support System for Rewarding Courier Employees in North Jakarta Using Profile Matching

  • Randy Teguh Waluya Nugraha Universitas Trilogi
  • Budi Arifitama universitas trilogi
  • Yaddarabullah Yaddarabullah Universitas Trilogi
Keywords: Decision Support System, Courier Employee Reward, Profile Matching


Courier employees in an expedition company are an important asset for the company. Each Courier has a daily productivity performance to aim with a perfect score (100%) to gain a reward. However, an assessment based only on productivity performance cause problems, where it is impossible to achieve a perfect productivity score to get a reward. This research focus to improve the rewarding system using a decision support system by adding other aspects than productivity which is the behavioral aspect. Absentee, successful delivery, cash on delivery, status update, attendance, and lateness are the behavioral aspect criteria used. Profile Matching method is conducted to compare employee profiles with the standard values and calculate its GAP. The smaller the GAP, the greater the weight results for the best alternative solution. The results, from 150 employees, 5 employees were selected as the best employees and granted rewards with the highest position scored 4,733, second scored 4,725, third scored 4,7234, fourth scored 4,722, and fifth scored 4,721. Profile matching has proven to be excellent as a method for a decision support system to reward employees based on ranking.


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Author Biographies

Randy Teguh Waluya Nugraha, Universitas Trilogi

Program Studi Teknik Informatika

Budi Arifitama, universitas trilogi

Program Studi Teknik Informatika

Yaddarabullah Yaddarabullah, Universitas Trilogi

Program Studi Teknik Informatika


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