JURNAL INTEGRASI https://jurnal.polibatam.ac.id/index.php/JI <p>Jurnal Integrasi (JI) menerima publikasi hasil dari penelitian,terbit satu tahun dua kali berfokus pada topik yang berkaitan dengan hasil penelitian di bidang teknik dan rekayasa. Pada saat ini JI sudah indeks&nbsp;<a href="http://sinta2.ristekdikti.go.id/journals/detail?id=2147" target="_blank" rel="noopener">SINTA</a>, dengan SINTA score S4. e-ISSN:<strong>&nbsp;</strong><a href="http://issn.pdii.lipi.go.id/issn.cgi?daftar&amp;1484036032&amp;1&amp;&amp;" target="_blank" rel="noopener">2548-9828</a></p> Politeknik Negeri Batam en-US JURNAL INTEGRASI 2085-3858 RECORD CENTER ARSIP SURAT KEPUTUSAN (SK) UNTUK UNIVERSITAS https://jurnal.polibatam.ac.id/index.php/JI/article/view/1166 <p>Archive management for organizations is a necessity. ANRI recommends digital records archive management of evidence. University as one of the organizations also requires digitalization of archive management. In particular, management archives of decision letter documents (SK) are important documents that relate to the history of university activities. Digitalization of archive management helps address the weaknesses of managing damaged, lost and vulnerable manual archives and large management costs. Digitalization efforts are done by developing a computer based archive management application using PHP and MYSQL. This application manages university file archiving transactions centrally in order to keep activity history for decision making and as a shared storage media.</p> Ni Wayan Wisswani I Gusti Ngurah Bagus Catur Bawa I Wayan Candra Winetra ##submission.copyrightStatement## https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0/ 2019-03-18 2019-03-18 11 1 1 8 10.30871/ji.v11i2.1166 KINERJA MESIN BUBUT GEMINIS DITINJAU DARI KEBULATAN BENDA KERJA https://jurnal.polibatam.ac.id/index.php/JI/article/view/1167 <p><em>Machine tools in manufacturing that produce workpieces with high accuracy are needed for the world of Manufacturing Industry. Machine tools that produce workpieces (low roundness deviation) with good quality will produce prices comparable to those offered. So that requires more optimum maintenance and maintenance of the engine. Mechanical Laboratory Manufacturing Polytechnic of Bangka Belitung State has several lathes to produce workpieces in the form of student training products, machined parts and production activities with a precision size, this lathe has been used for approximately 20 years, the usage of which has been long can lead to changes in machine geometry deviations. Deviations that occur will affect the quality of the product produced. Among the lathes there are 3 units of Geminis lathes. To find out the roundness deviation that occurs after being used in the teaching and learning process and the manufacture of spare parts for 20 years and to determine the feasibility of a lathe if it is used to process workpieces with a certain size tolerance, it is necessary to do testing. The test that is done is testing the geometric of the machine on the roundness of the workpiece .. The results of the cutting process of the test object will be measured by rounding the analysis by means of a minimum circle area. The three geminis have an average deviation of 45.33 μm and the smallest average deviation of 20 μm can produce workpieces with tolerances above 41 μm.</em></p> Eko Yudo Ariyanto Ariyanto ##submission.copyrightStatement## https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0/ 2019-03-18 2019-03-18 11 1 9 13 10.30871/ji.v11i2.1167 RANCANG BANGUN PURWARUPA TEKNOLOGI MIKROHIDRO MENGGUNAKAN KONSEP HIDRO FLUTTER https://jurnal.polibatam.ac.id/index.php/JI/article/view/1169 <p><em>The decline of the world oil reserves is a global crisis for decades to come. The search for renewable energy alternatives is an urgent topic of current research trends. Indonesia has an abundance of energy availability in the form of potential microhydro development. This research is a research of development of new innovative technology in microhydro technology in the form of conversion technique of water flow energy into electric energy using hydro flutter technology. In this research, the development of new tool to convert energy from water flow into electrical energy was developed. A prototype was built that can extract energy from the water stream at times into mechanical energy ready for conversion into electrical energy using the hydro flutter principle of a flexibly mounted free leading edge cantilevered rigid plate. The advantages of the new concept are the simplicity of the design and the ability to clean the system by itself, thereby reducing the maintenance costs.</em></p> I P G Sopan Rahtika I Made Suarta Putu Wijaya Sunu ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2019-03-18 2019-03-18 11 1 14 18 10.30871/ji.v11i2.1169 PENINGKATAN PERPINDAHAN PANAS PADA FAN COIL UNIT (FCU) DENGAN NANOPARTI Al2O3 https://jurnal.polibatam.ac.id/index.php/JI/article/view/1170 <p><em>Experimental studies on Fan Coil Unit (FCU) were conducted to investigate heat transfer characteristics due to the addition of Al<sub>2</sub>O<sub>3</sub> nanoparticles. The aims of this study was to reveal the phenomenon of nanofluid particle influences on heat transfer performance indicators. This investigation used tube and fin FCU type with cold fluid is water-Al<sub>2</sub>O<sub>3</sub> nanofluid and hot fluid is ambient air. The cold fluid volume flow rate is 15 lpm and the hot fluid mass flow rate is 0.48 kg/s. The concentration of nanoparticles was 0.1%. The ambient air temperature inlet of FCU is 28 ± 0,5<sup>0</sup>C while the cold fluid temperature entering the FCU is 19 ± 0,5<sup>0</sup>C. In this study the performance parameters on cold fluid with nanoparticles were compared with no nanoparticles. The results showed that the small addition of nanoparticles in cold fluid increased heat transfer in FCU by 9.2%. </em></p> Daud S. Anakottapary I N Sutarna Putu Wijaya Sunu I Made Rasta ##submission.copyrightStatement## https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0/ 2019-03-18 2019-03-18 11 1 19 22 10.30871/ji.v11i2.1170 PERAN PENGELOMPOKAN MOLEKUL PADA HYDROUS ETANOL TERHADAP KINERJA MESIN https://jurnal.polibatam.ac.id/index.php/JI/article/view/1171 <p><em>In this study observed the role of molecular clustering on engine performance produced by hydrous ethanol fuel (95.5% v). The test was performed using variation load for four-cylinder motor. Engine performance is measured using Brake Power Engine load cell type indicator TD 800PM. The engine performance produced by anhydrous ethanol was also tested. The resulting engine performance of both fuels is compared. The results showed that the power produced by hydrous ethanol was slightly higher than that of anhydrous ethanol. The charging effisiency generated by hydrous ethanol is upper than that of anhydrous ethanol.</em></p> I Made Suarta I Putu Gede Sopan Rahtika Putu Wijaya Sunu Ketut Bangse I Nengah ##submission.copyrightStatement## https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0/ 2019-03-18 2019-03-18 11 1 23 27 10.30871/ji.v11i2.1171 PENGEMBANGAN JARINGAN INTERNET WIRELESS DENGAN WIFI OVERVIEW PADA OBYEK WISATA BLANGSINGA WATERFALL https://jurnal.polibatam.ac.id/index.php/JI/article/view/1173 <p><em>Blangsinga Waterfall is one tourist attraction with very extreme geographical conditions, where the area has not covered GSM signals as a result tourists can not access the Internet network. The purpose of this research is to determine the spot of Wireless and Hotspot network infrastructure and then to measure signal strength for tourism area coverage. Based on field analysis determined 3 (three) points for network construction and placement of Access Point as Hotspot. Implementation begins with building a LAN network. Then for scanning channel and signal access point testing used Wifi Overview tool. Signal strength testing is performed around the area of ​​the resort by taking a distance of 5m, 10m, and 15m in all directions from the Access point is placed. The result is the establishment of internetworking for Blangsinga Waterfall tourism area. The next result is the internet access where all the tourist areas are covered wifi signal. With the development of internet infrastructure, tourists get easier communication access and management of tourist attractions can develop other facilities based on internet network that has been built.</em></p> I Made Ari Dwi Suta Atmaja I Nyoman Gede Arya Astawa Putu Gde Sukarata ##submission.copyrightStatement## https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0/ 2019-03-18 2019-03-18 11 1 28 32 10.30871/ji.v11i2.1173 UJI EKSPERIMETAL TRAJECTORY TRACKING PADA ROBOT PENJINAK BOM https://jurnal.polibatam.ac.id/index.php/JI/article/view/1174 <p><em>The problem of terrorism is engulfing the world has implications for the war against global terrorism.&nbsp; The creation of the bomb disposal robot that was able to defuse the bomb intended to create a reliable basis in all areas of security and service to humanity. The aim of this research is calculate of error trajectory tracking bomb disposal robot. This bomb disposal robot uses a caterpillar wheel using two motors with an independent control system. In addition, the robot is tested by using wireless control and navigation with line follower system. Testing is done by making two tracks on the floor surface and then test the navigation system with manual control involving two operators, then the authors implement the program control system bomb squad robot using the line sensor. The conclusion that can be decided from this research is control system by using wireless and line follower system can be used interchangeably where the value of the error for line follower system is much smaller compared with the system direct control (Bluethooth).</em></p> Randis Randis ##submission.copyrightStatement## https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0/ 2019-03-18 2019-03-18 11 1 33 36 10.30871/ji.v11i2.1174 MODIFIKASI MESIN MOTOR RODA DUASERI BEAT ESP 2017 HEMAT ENERGI DENGAN METODE STROKE UP DAN BORE UP https://jurnal.polibatam.ac.id/index.php/JI/article/view/1175 <p><em>This research is motivated by the depletion of fuel oil supplies in Indonesia, while the needs of the public are increasingly reminded. This energy also cannot be updated. It takes thousands or even millions of years of the time needed by nature to form the fuel oil. One of its efforts is to reduce fuel consumption. The compiler effort in supporting the savings program is to modify the vehicle. The research objective of this is to find out how to modify the engine to be more fuel efficient and know how to make noise levels not more than 90 dB. This study uses the method of stroke up, bore up and low profile camshaft, so the engine character becomes overstroke. Overstroke means the stroke distance is longer than the bore. This vehicle will produce the advantages of fast starting and large and strong torsion and the use of fuel can be minimized. This research is expected to be able to optimize combustion in the combustion chamber so as to reduce fuel consumption and noise.</em></p> Kholis Nur Faizin Achmad Aminudin ##submission.copyrightStatement## https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0/ 2019-03-18 2019-03-18 11 1 37 41 10.30871/ji.v11i2.1175 SIMULASI SISTEM KONTROL OTOMATIS BEBAN TIDAK SEIMBANG https://jurnal.polibatam.ac.id/index.php/JI/article/view/1176 <p><em>Large electric power consumer or consumer with own distribution station, such as Hotel, Office, Shopping center, Industry, etc. The installation is connected with 3 phase electricity, which includes the phase R, phase S and phase T. In the planning and installation of electrical installations conducted by Electrical Expert always refers to the design of the load connected in the phase R, S and T, which is cultivated in equal (equal), but on the operation (ON / OFF) electrical load can not be regulated load balance on each phase, because the operation (ON / OFF) adjusted to the needs of electrical equipment installed on each phase, resulting in unbalanced loads. Due to unbalanced load in each phase can cause the loss of electric power. The losses of electric power will be greater, if the addition of load or the development of electrical installation is done without regard to the initial design of the installation.</em></p> <p><em>In this research will be made a simulation of control system that will automatically minimize the occurrence of unbalance between phases. The control system will work automatically to adjust the load between phases, by transferring a large detectable load on one phase to a small detectable phase until it is detected that the loads on the R, S and T phases are relatively balanced. In addition, the control system can also detect if one or two missing phases (OFF) occurs, where the system will provide information to the alarm in the form of alarms, indicating that there has been a phase loss, in order for the user to perform a complete electrical outage action for avoid major power losses.</em></p> <p><em>The method used in making the system is the method of research and development, with stages including literature study, field study to obtain data in connection with system manufacture. The next step is designing hardware and software that is simulated through the Proteus program. The next stage is to test the work of the control system based on system algorithms created through the simulation program.</em></p> <p><em>From the test result, when the load unbalance occurs, for example the load detected in the R Phase of 2 Ampere, at S phase 1.5 Ampere and at the T Phase of 1 Ampere, the system will automatically move one of the power lines from Phase R to one of the paths of the T-Phase, so that the overload present in Phase R is overcome by Phase T,&nbsp; besides that when indicated there is one phase missing, then the system will inform through the alarm and display on the LCD monitor that there is a phase lost.</em></p> Fanny J Doringin Marson James Budiman Stephy Walukow ##submission.copyrightStatement## https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0/ 2019-03-18 2019-03-18 11 1 42 48 10.30871/ji.v11i2.1176 RANCANG BANGUN OWNCLOUD DAN MELINDUNGINYA TERHADAP SERANGAN DDOS https://jurnal.polibatam.ac.id/index.php/JI/article/view/770 <p>Storage services using Google Drive or DropBox are used freely on the internet. Most of them use Cloud Computing technology. It means that the service on Cloud Computing could be provided quickly and it could minimize the interaction with provider. One of the constraints of data storage personally or professionally is the difficulty to access. There is also security disturbance from the network activity such as denial of service and virus infection. Difficulty to share data also becomes the main constraint to set the limit time of the document shared, with whom, and what access is allowed.&nbsp; These are some of the daily constraints and they disturb the flexibility especially in routine work. Therefore, firewall configuration is needed to minimize those disturbances so that the service could still be accessed.</p> Molavi Arman Inayatullah Inayatullah ##submission.copyrightStatement## https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0/ 2019-03-26 2019-03-26 11 1 49 58 10.30871/ji.v11i2.770 PENGARUH FREKUENSI PULSE PENGELASAN GTAW PADA ALUMINIUM ALLOY 6061 https://jurnal.polibatam.ac.id/index.php/JI/article/view/1002 <p>&nbsp;<em>This paper describes the effect of pulse frequency on the properties of microhardness, porosity and macrostructure in GTAW welding. This study used alluminum 6061 as a base metal and without filler metal. Pulse frequency is varied from 0 Hz to 10 Hz. The macrostructure results showed the maximum penetration depth occured at pulse frequency 6 Hz, while the maximum penetration width occured when did not pulse frequency. Micro hardness testing showed that the maximum hardness occured at pulse frequency 6 Hz while the lowest hardness occured at pulse frequency 10 Hz. AA 6061 welding without metal filler produced porosity which can have an impact on the hardness of the weld metal.</em></p> Ari Wibowo Nugroho Pratomo Aryanto Cahyo Budi Nugroho Muhammad Ismail ##submission.copyrightStatement## https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0/ 2019-03-26 2019-03-26 11 1 59 62 10.30871/ji.v11i2.1002 AKSES KONTROL KOTAK KUNCI RUANG KELAS BERBASIS SMARTPHONE ANDROID https://jurnal.polibatam.ac.id/index.php/JI/article/view/1164 <p>Recently, many smartphones have applied Android as their operating system. Operating system Android has many advantages such as it is used in many kind of smartphone, cheap, and so on. Joining operating system Android and microcontroller system will have more advantages and applications. One of its applications is as smart storage box for keys. The data of key’s user can be monitored easily using this smart storage box. In this research was carried out some examinations for smart storage box including application, examining application against hardware, and the data display in website. The results of function examinations show that smart storage box for keys worked successfully and monitoring data in website can also be conducted well with real time.</p> Muhammad Arifin Egi Fazar Firrizqi Abdullah Sani ##submission.copyrightStatement## https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0/ 2019-03-26 2019-03-26 11 1 63 67 10.30871/ji.v11i2.1164 MODIFICATION OF TWO POLES SINGLE PHASE INDUCTION MOTOR AS WIND PICO GENERATOR https://jurnal.polibatam.ac.id/index.php/JI/article/view/1132 <p>As an alternative energy, the potential of wind power in Indonesia is quite high. Some of the constraints of wind power include the presence of intermittent winds, the average wind speed in the Indonesian is relatively low, or only certain areas that have moderate to high wind speeds, so that winds that are not too tight can cause the turbines not spinning. This study is about modifying a two pole single phase induction motor as a wind pico generator. Modifications made to the squirrel cage rotor induction motor become two poles axial flux permanent magnet rotors. The test results show that a two pole pico generator is not suitable to be applied to wind power units. Electric power produced by high-speed prime mover, above 1000 rpm only 2.53 Watts. Whereas when it is operated at low speed, less than 200 rpm, the maximum output power power only 44 mW.</p> Fauzun Atabiq Budiana Budiana Arif Febriansyah Juwito Irfan Syahri Ihsan Saputra ##submission.copyrightStatement## https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0/ 2019-04-01 2019-04-01 11 1 68 73 10.30871/ji.v11i2.1132