Forthcoming Issue

This page presents the titles of articles that have undergone the review process in accordance with the guidelines of JAIC Journal and are ready to be included in Volume 8, Number 1. Although these articles have not been assigned page numbers and publication dates yet, both will be determined as soon as these articles are published in their complete and integral form.

2. Analysis of the Let's Build a PC Virtual Reality Game Based on the User Experience Questionnaire (UEQ)

4. Tourist Perceptions Through Sentiment Analysis to Support Tourism Development in Maluku Province
Hennie Tuhuteru

9. Analysis of pH Sensor Output and Water Turbidity Levels for Vaname Shrimp Commodities
Erdasetya Bayunugraha, Musayyanah, Harianto, Heri Pratikno

11. Web-Based Mapping of Crime-Prone Areas in Samarinda Seberang and Loa Janan Ilir Districts, Samarinda Citys
Syafei Karim

13. Text Insertion and Encryption Using The Bit-Swapping Method in Digital Images
Kiswara Santoso

15. Implementation of Identity Loss Function on Face Recognition of Low-Resolution Faces With Light CNN Architecture
Tsaqif Mu'tashim Mufid, Riza Ibnu Adam, Jajam Khaeru Jaman

18. Deployment of Kidney Tumor Disease Object Detection Using CT-Scan with YOLOv5
Hastyantoko Dwiki Kahingide, Abu Salam