Game Prototype Performance Analysis on the Android Platform

  • riwinoto riwinoto Politeknik Negeri batam
  • William Tan
Keywords: game perfomance, mobile game, unity profiler, unity3d, computation


Currently, technological developments are very advanced. Some people already use and have Smart Phones or Mobile Phones. One aspect of Smart Phones is Mobile Games which can be downloaded in the App Store or Play Store. Mobile games have compatibility with today's users. In the development of mobile games, one of the important things is the optimal performance of the game that can run on the device. This research is an initial study to determine the performance of the game prototype that is being worked on. Performance analysis includes computational rendering, scripting, physics, animation, garbage collection, global illumination, UI and others. Performance is done using the Unity Profiler tool available in the Unity 3D IDE. Observation results show that the game prototype that has been developed still has poor computational performance because the FPS produced is only up to 15-20 FPS level where ideally it gets 60 FPS. Further research is needed to determine the optimization steps on the game prototype before moving on to full-featured game development


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