Comparative Analysis Of Redshift, Arnold Renderer, Maya Hardware 2.0 Render Machines In Indoor And Outdoor Shots In Day And Night Conditions In 3d Animation "Telat"

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Keywords: 3D Animation, Animation, Rendering, Redshift, Arnold Renderer, Maya Hardware 2.0


The development of computer graphics technology in Indonesia continues to grow, especially in the 3D animation film industry. In the process of making 3D animated films Some steps that must be done are, Modeling, Texturing, Rigging, Animating, Lighting Setup, and Rendering. At the rendering stage, it is often found that the time and quality problems produced on each existing rendering machine are because each rendering machine has a great importance to the time and quality produced. It is expected to choose the right rendering engine in the production process of 3D animated films so it is necessary to do research to understand the rendering engine with the best image quality and the rendering engine with the fastest rendering time by using facts and facts related to indoor and outdoor in conditions of day and night . The study was conducted by rendering on 3 rendering machines namely redshift, Arnold Renderer, and Maya Hardware 2.0 on the 3D animation film "Telat" by 10% of the total shots. Then compare the results using the Sampling Technique. Then do an analysis of each rendering result by meeting the graphic / visual feasibility standard for animated films from the allocation of the three rendering machines determined by the animation company PT. Kinema Systrans Multimedia.


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