Testing Bhandari Z-Score Model Bankruptcy Prediction Using Cash Flow

  • Barcha Handal Sakti
  • Ely Kartikaningdyah
Keywords: Bhandari’s z-score model, cash flow, bankruptcy prediction, discriminating power.


This research aimed to know whether the predictor variables on Bhandari’s z-score model having discriminating power which in each of the group has significant difference. Sample which was being used to assist was the manufacture company that consisted of healthy company and the unhealthy company enrolled in Indonesia stock exchange in the period of 2012-2014. Sample collecting method used purposive sampling and cross section was the data used in this research. This research was conducted by using Multivariat Discriminant Analysis (MDA). The result of this study showed predictor variable that gave discriminating power which stood of quality of earning (EAQ), operating cash flow divided by current liabilities (OCFCL), operating cash flow margin (OCFM), and operating cash flow return on total assets (OCFA) in distinguishing the healthy and unhealthy company significantly.