• Bornok Situmorang Universitas Universal
  • Emi Lestari Universitas Universal
Keywords: Rentenir, Pasar Modal Tradisional, Pasar Tradisional, Pedagang Pasar


The history of moneylenders has long been recorded in the journey of Indonesian people in general and in almost all regions in particular. In the city of Batam, this phenomenon is increasingly thick in traditional markets, due to trading activities that occur every day and a very high cash circulation. This research was conducted in the traditional market of Nagoya Baru Jodoh, a sample of 42 respondents who dug up data on how traders make loans to moneylenders who have been around for years in the midst of traders. The research approach was carried out qualitatively by the survey method by distributing questionnaires containing 36 statements to measure traders' perceptions about the factors influencing considerations in credit application decisions. Then the data is processed using SPSS version 21 with descriptive and inductive statistics using multiple linear regression analysis and moderating variable analysis. The results of this study are that partially, irrational and rational considerations have a significant effect on the decision to submit credit with a significance value of 0,000 and 0.024 respectively, while simultaneously also a significant effect with a significance value of 0,000. The moderating variable test shows a significance value of 0.146 or greater than 0.05 which means that the rational consideration factor has not been a barrier for traders to keep deciding on credit applications.


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Situmorang, B., & Lestari, E. (2019). RASIONALISASI KONSEP EKONOMI DAN SOSIAL PADA PASAR MODAL TRADISIONAL. JOURNAL OF APPLIED MANAGERIAL ACCOUNTING, 3(2), 193-204. https://doi.org/10.30871/jama.v3i2.1579