Implementation of Motion Graphics in the Application Process and Issuance of Electronic Certificates

  • Margaretha Meilan Humeap Br Sirait Politeknik Negeri Batam
  • Afdhol Dzikri
Keywords: Electronic Certifiacte Application for Publishing Microsoft Powerpoint Motion Graphic


Elektonic Certificate is a type of certificate of electronic type which contains an electronic signature and identity the status of the legal of the parties to the electronic transaction, the first step in implementing an electronic signature is to have a legal and binding electronic certificate issued by the electronic certificate provider and ensure the security of the electronic system operation. This certificate is used for electronic signature instead of manual signature. And in it’s issuance, there are still many officials who do not understand how to issues electronic certificates. The implementation of Motion Graphics in the application process and issuance of electronic certificates will later be used as a tool for giving information that is made attractively and will be shown to officials who apply for electronic certificates so that they can better understand the issuance of electronic certificates. Making motion graphics using the Luther Sutopo method and the Epic Model is used to analyze the effectiveness of information media. The results obtained from the research are in the form of Motion Graphics with a duration of 2 minutes 27 seconds.


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