Arithmetic Application Development for Android Based Children

  • Evi Angelina Turnip PT Bintang Cakrawala Network (BCN) TV Batam
  • Afdhol Dzikri
Keywords: Interactive Media, Arithmetic, Godfrey, Adobe Flash CS6


The development of information technology at this time can usually be utilized for the advancement of children in the world of education, in the form of interactive media. The use of interactive multimedia technology as a learning media is one alternative to help overcome student learning problems, because by using interactive multimedia students can learn independently, more easily, comfortably and learn according to their abilities. Mathematical learning that is taught monotonously by the teacher can make students feel bored and finally lazy to learn. The presence of multimedia technology can help student learning to be more interesting and petrifying for students' understanding of arithmetic learning to recognize numbers in advance for children in learning to add, subtract, multiply, and share simple ones.

The results of this research are interactive media that are very helpful for students and parents to provide arithmetic teaching in a relaxed, interesting and entertaining format. It is expected that the existence of this arithmetic application can provide convenience to the public, especially children in learning to count, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.


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