Application of Color Grading and Music Scoring Techniques in Post Production Stage of “Waktu Terlarang” Horror Film

  • Dian Retno Ariani Politeknik Negeri Batam
  • Fandy Neta
  • Ihwan Mansur Munandar Politeknik Negeri Batam
Keywords: film, music scoring, horror, myth, color grading


Film is one of the modern and effective communication media as sending good information or messages, supporting interesting stories, clear sound, clear
images, and high-resolution video, and the film editing process will greatly help to make films clearer in realizing the purpose of the film to be made. Its
development is so fast, this happens in all aspects, both in terms of the story to its implementation. Along with the development of the current era, the film
also experienced a development by having a lot of film genres circulating in the midst of the community, one of which is the genre of horror films that are
lifted from a public trust that occurs in the surrounding environment, namely myths. This final project the author makes a short film that lifts the myth of sleep
deprivation at sunset and applies color grading techniques and music scoring as a solution for creating digital video quality. This issue is interesting to
discuss because it will help improve and provide new colors in Indonesian cinema.


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