Pengembangan Aplikasi Berita Online Berbasis Android pada Website TANJUNGPINANG POS Menggunakan Android Studio

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Keywords: android, aplikasi android, android studio, berita online


Tanjungpinang Pos is a National newspaper from Kepualaun Riau that has
been present for the people of Tanjungpinang city, almost every day this newspaper
is present to accompany the public with news about the city of Tanjungpinang and
other Riau territories, with technology development such as this Tanjungpinang Post
newspaper also opens a digital market with presenting a website for its news site,
but the need for news is getting wider, with the increasing market for Android
smartphone users, it is pushing to create an online Android-based news application.
In the future, to present online news more widely with this application. This
application works by connecting to the Tanjungpinang Pos news site, so that when
the website updates the application the issue will also be updated. The application is
not needed to install this application, this application makes using Android Studio
software that will connect it to the Tanjungpinang Pos website, this application aims
to access Android users in accessing news through their smartphone, so users can
only install the application and will get news up to date every day.


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