JOURNAL OF APPLIED MULTIMEDIA AND NETWORKING <p>Journal of Applied Multimedia and Networking (JAMN) is a journal published by Study Program of Multimedia and Networking, Politeknik Negeri Batam. The JAMN is issued 2 times a year in electronic form. The electronic pdf version is accessible on the internet free of charge. We encourage all interested contributors to submit their work for consideration. <em>e</em>-ISSN:&nbsp;2548-6853</p> Politeknik Negeri Batam en-US JOURNAL OF APPLIED MULTIMEDIA AND NETWORKING 2548-6853 THE EFFECT OF PLAYABILITY ON USER EXPERIENCE IN "JOKO RUN" GAME <p><em>Playability is the easiness of a game player in playing games, while user experience is a game player's reference to the level of satisfaction of a game. A game certainly has an element of playability so that connoisseurs always play the game so as to produce a high level of user experience. Joko Run is one of the games similar to Subway Surfer game which is the best endless runner game for android that is easy to play. The purpose of this study is to find out the aspects of playability and user experience that must be fulfilled by game developers when designing a game and the influence of playability of the game on the level of user experience of the game "Joko Run". This study uses descriptive and verification methods, descriptive methods to know the aspects of playability and user experience, then the verification method to find the influence of playability on the user experience. Based on the results of the descriptive analysis of playability obtained an average of 109.05, in the range of 105-129, which is easy. Whereas for descriptive analysis user experience obtained an average of 110.25, which is in the scale of 105-129, which is easy. Based on the results of the verification analysis obtained the coefficient of determination or the influence of playability on the user experience of 0.664 or 66.4%, is between 0.60-0.799 which is strong. So, game players can play "Joko Run" easily without having to learn the pattern of the game. Game players can also use the game features "Joko Run" smoothly, so that users feel the ease of playing the game and enhance the experience of the game player "Joko Run. Then, there is the influence of playability on the user experience game "Joko Run". A game that has easy playability tends to increase user experience, on the contrary if the playability of a game is low then it decreases the user experience.</em></p> Marisha Pertiwi Riwinoto , S.T., M.Kom. ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2019-07-31 2019-07-31 3 1 1 14 PREDIKSI RATING FILM ANIMASI BERDASARKAN ELEMEN MISE EN SCENE MENGGUNAKAN NEURAL NETWORK <p>A production house can make adjustments in releasing the film if knows the <br>possibility of success to the related film. The goal is to get maximum profit after the<br>film is released. It can even use a prediction to know how market developments<br>are. In this study, the authors used data from IMDb to predict the rating on a film.<br>Because IMDb is the largest database consisting of relevant and comprehensive<br>information related to films. It is necessary to consider the additional features of<br>visual, which basically refers to everything that appears on the screen. Everything<br>captured by the camera consisting of settings, lighting, the human figure, and<br>composition, these four elements are part of the mise en scene. To determine the<br>level of accuracy in film rating predictions, the author uses the science of soft<br>computing, namely the neural network, focusing on the prediction part. The<br>accuracy of the animated movie rating prediction is based on the mise en scene<br>element which is equal to 44%, the accuracy is based on the average of each test<br>option.</p> Odi Isya Winanda Selly Artaty Zega ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2019-07-31 2019-07-31 3 1 15 26 The Implemetation genetic algorithm Timun Mas Game <p><em>Timun Mas Game was inspired by a fairy tales story from Cental Java. It is fairy tale of Timun Mas. This game will makes the player has an experience and missions as Mbok Sarni who is the part of the original storyline. Therefore the game genre is Role Playing Game (RPG). </em><em>The game story has 2 missions, first the player needs to plant the seed of Timun and collect all magical weapons to attack Buto Ijo.</em></p> <p><em>In this undergraduated thesis, the author designed the first mission of Timun Mas Game, which is planting the seed of Timun Mas until it was grow up </em><em>The Planting activities are watering and fertilizing seeds until it is grow up to golden Cucumber. During the planting process, there will be rats as pest that attack the growth of seed. Player need to eliminate the pest by using the hammer that provide from system. The pest is a NPC (Non Player Character) that was controlled by an artificial Intelligence using a monodevelop while the game environment is built with unity 5.4.1f1 (64-bit) game engine. </em></p> <p><em>The type of artificial intelligent that was used to create an intelligence system is Genetic Algorithm (GA). It has a function to maximize genes in the chromosome strength on the NPC including attack power, speed of movement, and health point of the pest which is affected by player behaviour/action. The dynamic changes of pest's strength will affected the difficulty level of the game that will be useful to make a good experience for the player as the main goal of this research.</em></p> Indah Permatasari Muchamad Fajri Amirul Nasrullah ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2019-07-31 2019-07-31 3 1 27 38 Analisis Pemanfaatan Media Visual (Motion Graphic) Dalam Sosialisasi Aplikasi Pelayanan Perizinan Terpadu Satu Pintu (PTSP) Online Di Batam <p>PTSP (One Door integrated licensing service) Online is a website based service application. This service application is intended for Batam City community who want to open business. However, there are still many people who do not know about the application of PTSP (Integrated One Door licensing service) based online. Such as not knowing the procedure of Online registration for both individuals and foundations or companies. <br>There is a socialization media that helps the community to know the procedures for online registration of the application PTSP (Integrated one Door licensing service) Online. Motion graphic is a combination of 2D graphic and animation design that contains complete images, text, and sound as a means of visual media. This research implements Hannafin and Peck methods consisting of three stages of need analysis, stage of design and stage of development and implementation.<br>Based on the analysis conducted based on the results of measurement success rate through the filling of the questionnaire and obtained the test result that there is a significant difference (meaning) in tests conducted on 30 respondents An increase of 0831. In T tests of a significant 0.05 (5%) Acquired Figure Sig. (2-tailed) 0.000 where 0.000 &lt; 0.05 which means the knowledge of respondents related to PTSP online is increased after seeing the Motion Graphic "information and procedures for registering PTSP online"</p> Nadya Nabila ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2019-07-31 2019-07-31 3 1 39 44