JOURNAL OF APPLIED MULTIMEDIA AND NETWORKING 2024-01-22T23:36:11+00:00 JAMN Admin [email protected] Open Journal Systems <p>Journal of Applied Multimedia and Networking (JAMN) is&nbsp;a peer-reviewed open access journal published by Study Program of Multimedia and Networking, Politeknik Negeri Batam. The JAMN is issued 2 times a year in electronic form. The electronic pdf version is accessible on the internet free of charge. We encourage all interested contributors to submit their work for consideration. <em>e</em>-ISSN:&nbsp;2548-6853</p> Sistem Informasi Manajemen Praktek Kerja Lapangan Berbasis Website Studi Kasus SMK Ma’arif Kota Batam 2023-12-31T11:35:28+00:00 Nelmiawati Nelmiawati [email protected] <p>SMK Ma’arif Kota Batam adalah sekolah kejuruan yang saat ini menjalankan program Praktek Kerja Lapangan (PKL). PKL menjadi salah satu persyaratan utama dalam menyelesaikan proses pendidikan yang dijalankan oleh siswa/i kelas tiga setiap tahunnya. Pelaksanaan mekanisme PKL pada SMK Ma’arif Kota Batam&nbsp; masih menggunakan sistem konvensional, dimana siswa/i datang ke sekolah untuk memenuhi semua administrasi yang berkaitan dengan PKL. Dengan begitu, terdapat beberapa hambatan dalam hal koordinasi antara pihak sekolah dan pihak industri, terutama pada saat melaksanakan pengawasan selama siswa/i menjalankan PKL. Berdasarkan permasalahan tersebut, penelitian ini membangun Sistem Informasi Manajemen Praktek Kerja Lapangan Berbasis Website atau E-PKL yang dibutuhkan guna menyelesaikan permasalahan tersebut. Beberapa fitur yang tersedia seperti: pengajuan surat permohonan PKL, mencetak surat permohonan PKL, melengkapi presensi, <em>log book </em>dan laporan mingguan, mencetak surat penarikan PKL, serta laporan untuk penarikan data dari laporan PKL dalam format (.pdf) sehingga menjadikan pengelolaan dan pengawasan pelaksanaan PKL dalam satu sistem yang terpusat. Dalam metode pengembangan sistem menggunakan metode <em>Personal Extreme Programming</em> (PXP) yang diimplementasikan oleh pengembang perangkat lunak tunggal serta pengujian sistem mendapatkan hasil bahwa kebutuhan fungsional 100% valid menggunakan metode <em>black box testing</em>. Dengan demikian, sistem beroperasi dengan lancar dan dapat digunakan dengan baik.</p> 2023-12-31T11:29:59+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Analysis of Animated Films in the Valorant Game: A systematic Literature Review 2023-12-31T11:35:29+00:00 Inas Hana Aisyah [email protected] <p>This article aims to detail the role and impact of animated films in games, specifically in the game Valorant, with the aim of providing valuable insights for players, developers and practitioners in the industry. Through a systematic literature review approach, this research reveals that cinematic elements have a central role in creating a compelling and powerful game experience. The careful integration of cinematic elements and gameplay in modern FPS games, such as Valorant, has achieved a high level of aesthetic and visually appealing quality, significantly impacting the player experience. The implications of these findings not only enrich the literature studies in the field of animation and games, but also provide valuable insights for game developers in improving the visual and narrative aspects of their games. Furthermore, a deeper understanding of the correlation between animated movies and games may pave the way for the development of comprehensive and engaging FPS games in the future.</p> 2023-12-31T11:30:31+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Pembuatan Aplikasi Augmented Reality Terkait Bisnis Pelayanan Infrastruktur PT. PLN Batam 2023-12-31T11:35:30+00:00 Dian Nurdiansyah [email protected] Agung Riyadi [email protected] <p>The use of Augmented Reality (AR) technology in promoting the infrastructure service business of PLN Batam will provide a more interactive and enjoyable experience for the community. However, many infrastructure service companies have not yet utilized this technology to promote their business. Therefore, this research aims to develop an augmented reality application related to the infrastructure service business of PT. PLN Batam using the waterfall research methodology on the Unity platform. The research will be conducted in stages following the waterfall methodology, starting from user needs analysis to application testing. The development of this AR application will utilize the Unity platform as the application development tool and also utilize Vuforia as a plugin for detecting target markers. The results of this research are expected to provide a solution for PT. PLN Batam to utilize AR technology in promoting their business, introducing the company to the community, and strengthening its reputation as a trusted and professional infrastructure service provider.</p> 2023-12-31T11:31:05+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## The Effectiveness of Using Motion Capture and Pose-to-Pose Techniques in Animating Bengkulu Traditional Dance 2023-12-31T11:35:32+00:00 Andang Wijanarko [email protected] Mochammad Yusa [email protected] Muhammad Pratama Hidayatullah [email protected] <p>Animation techniques are evolving in accordance with the times. Motion capture is one of the most popular animation techniques today. The motion capture method has a number of drawbacks. Problems with bodily mobility, in particular, that are not captured on video. We studied how to use the pose-to-pose technique to solve movement issues in motion capture techniques, as well as how motion capture can produce complexly animated movements, such as those found in traditional Bengkulu dance movements. The research design follows a methodical approach to media production, beginning with pre-production and ending with post-production. The result in this study shows, many traditional Bengkulu dance movements in animated videos that only used motion capture techniques did not match the original movements, particularly those of the wrists, fingers, thighs, and knees, according to the results of a twenty-person experiment. On the other hand, respondents believe that animated videos using motion capture and pose-to-pose techniques are the same as the original movements. This means that motion capture and pose-to-pose techniques work better for creating traditional Bengkulu dance movements.</p> 2023-12-31T11:31:33+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Analysis of the Effectiveness of Video Advertisements at Dottore Recording Studio Using the EPIC Model Measurement 2023-12-31T11:35:33+00:00 Supardianto Supardianto [email protected] <p>Video advertisements play a crucial role in promoting services and enhancing the brand awareness of a business, including Dottore Recording Studio. This research aims to analyze the effectiveness of the video advertisements utilized by Dottore in influencing its audience. The development method employed is the Villamil-Mollina design, using the EPIC model as its measurement tool. The examined advertisement video has a duration of 48 seconds and focuses on presenting Dottore Recording Studio as a solution to audio recording challenges. The EPIC rate measurement for this advertisement showed a result of 4.09, indicating its effectiveness, suggesting that the ad successfully achieved its communication objectives and effectively influenced the audience. Analysis using the EPIC model revealed that Dottore's video advertisement managed to capture the audience's attention and interest (empathy), convince them to consider and utilize Dottore Recording Studio's services (persuasion), create a strong impression on the audience (impact), and convey the message clearly and efficiently (communication). These findings affirm that video advertisements with a visual storytelling approach and creative content can be an effective instrument in achieving marketing targets and strengthening brand awareness. The results of this study provide insights and recommendations for Dottore to continuously optimize the use of video advertisements in its marketing strategy.</p> 2023-12-31T11:31:58+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## PERANCANGAN NETWORK MONITORING SYSTEM (NMS) DAN SYSLOG SERVER MENGGUNAKAN LIBRENMS PADA PT. MAXINDO MITRA SOLUSI 2023-12-31T11:35:35+00:00 Marwan Marwan [email protected] Jordy Lasmana Putra [email protected] <p><em>The development of the internet has become an important part of modern life and plays a significant role in shaping the current digital world. PT Maxindo Mitra Solusi, as one of the internet service provider companies which of course needs to have a very good infrastructure, monitoring the network conditions requires an application known as the Network Monitoring System (NMS) and a Syslog Server, both of which are essential for monitoring customer network devices such as routers, switches, access points, and servers. The current issue faced by the network administrators is the lack of detailed information, such as CPU load resources and historical logs, on each target device being monitored. This study aims to propose a design of a network monitoring system and Syslog server at PT Maxindo Mitra Solusi. The benefits of this study lie in enhancing the service provided to customer networks by offering regular monitoring and surveillance. LibreNMS is one of the network monitoring system applications based on a Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), which quite a lot provides support features for customer network monitoring. One of these support features is Syslog Server, which provides historical log information for each monitored target device. Based on the results of the conducted research, LibreNMS shows potential in delivering an effective monitoring system and assisting network administrators in early troubleshooting of disruptions that may occur in customer networks.</em></p> 2023-12-31T11:32:27+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Early Warning System Berbasis Internet Of Things (IOT) pada Daerah Rawan Bencana Banjir di Kota Semarang 2023-12-31T11:35:38+00:00 Putri Novita Sari [email protected] Febrian Wahyu Christanto [email protected] <p>Semarang is a city that often experiences flooding. One of the causes of frequent flooding in Semarang City is land subsidence. The rise in sea water in Semarang is currently reaching 3-5 millimeters per year while land subsidence is reaching 9 cm. Land subsidence in the city is 30 times greater than global sea level rise. This land subsidence causes the city of Semarang to often be hit by floods during high rainfall because the land position on the coast is lower than sea level water. Efforts to anticipate floods include creating an early flood detection system. This flood height detector aims to describe the status of the water level when the water level has reached the maximum level. This flood detection system uses a water level sensor to detect water levels, a NodeMCU ESP8266 to read data and send it via the internet, as well as a buzzer which functions to make a sound when the sensor detects water and has the potential for a flood disaster. The system will work automatically when water hits the sensor by sending flood detection status information via the Blynk application on a smartphone. This technology aims to provide early notification of a flood for public safety. It was found that the average value of user satisfaction reached 75% when testing the prototype results from this study and the accuracy value of prototype testing reached 100%.</p> 2023-12-31T11:32:52+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Designing Interactive Digital Multimedia Education On The Impact Of Tiktok Social Media On Children 2023-12-31T11:35:39+00:00 Yudo Bismo Utomo [email protected] Afif NurKholis [email protected] Putri Nur Rahayu [email protected] <p>This research takes the theme of the importance of interactive digital multimedia education on the impact of Tiktok social media on children. This is due to the lack of parental supervision in the use of smartphones during online learning which makes children addicted to the use of social media, especially Tiktok. Even though the pandemic has subsided and all school activities have returned offline, it seems that children are still addicted to Tiktok. If the problem is not addressed immediately, it makes children see more entertainment content on Tiktok than listening to the lessons delivered by their teachers. The purpose of this study is to create interactive digital multimedia to educate parents and children in using TikTok social media and the impact on children's health and character. Thus, parents can increase supervision of their children. The method used in this study uses the Multimedia Development Life Cycle (MDLC) method. MDLC has stages including: concept, material collection, design, implementation, and testing. The tools used in making interactive digital media in this study used Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effect. The result of this study is that this interactive animated film can display visualizations of the impact of TikTok social media caused, both positive and negative impacts. From the effectiveness test conducted, it can be concluded that interactive digital multimedia passed the test with a percentage of 83% with a Strongly Agree (SS) scale.</p> 2023-12-31T11:33:26+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## VIDEO ADVERTORIAL EKSOTIS KEPRI DI BATAM TELEVISI “DESTINASI WISATA PATUNG SERIBU WAJAH TANJUNGPINANG” MENGGUNAKAN METODE EPIC MODEL 2023-12-31T11:35:55+00:00 Adi Baitul Yusri Arif [email protected] Satria Bayu Aji [email protected] <p>The progress of society demands continuous human growth in various fields. Video is one of the media currently favored by the general public. Video advertorial is a form of advertisement that subtly persuades viewers through editorial language. Riau Islands have many unique and beautiful tourist destinations, one of which is the Thousand Faces Statue Tourism in Tanjungpinang, which is still relatively less visited by the broader public. The Thousand Faces Statue Tourism features hundreds of statues that showcase different appearances and personalities. The good and bad traits of humans can be reflected through the facial expressions carved on the statues. The stages of planning a video advertorial consist of pre-production, production, and post-production stages. The output of this design is a video advertorial of Thousand Faces Statue Tourism, which will be broadcasted on the Exotic Kepri program on Batam TV. The data collection method in this design uses a combination of qualitative and quantitative methods. Qualitative methods include observation and interviews, while quantitative methods involve surveys in the form of questionnaires. Data analysis involves the Epic Model analysis (Empathy, Persuasion, Impact, Communication) and the survey results.</p> 2023-12-31T11:34:02+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Employee Income Information System at KPU Bea dan Cuka Tipe B Batam 2023-12-31T11:35:57+00:00 Muhammad Ricky [email protected] <p>Belum adanya database yang menyimpan keseluruhan data penghasilan pegawai pada KPU Bea dan Cukai Tipe B Batam dan belum adanya sistem informasi yang dapat diakses oleh pegawai mengakibatkan para pegawai kesulitan untuk mengetahui rincian penghasilan yang didapat setiap bulannya. Serta belum adanya sistem pengajuan penggantian biaya perjalanan dinas membuat pegawai tidak bisa memonitor proses dan mengecek rincian pembayaran biaya perjalanan dinas. Hal ini berakibat pada banyak pegawai yang bertanya kepada bagian keuangan meminta informasi rincian penghasilan, proses pembayaran biaya perjalanan dinas atau meminta surat keterangan penghasilan. Keadaan ini tentu menambah volume pekerjaan pegawai di bagian keuangan sehingga dapat menghambat pekerjaan yang lain. Sebagai solusi untuk mengatasi permasalahan yang ada serta untuk meningkatkan transparansi dan akuntabilitas keuangan, peneliti mengembangkan sistem dengan metode <em>Prototype</em> yang dapat memberi akses kepada pegawai mengenai informasi rincian penghasilan dan proses pembayaran biaya perjalanan dinas dengan keberhasilan fungsional sebesar 100% pada pengujian <em>blackbox</em>.</p> 2023-12-31T11:34:26+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Analisis Efektivitas Customer First Quality First Approach Pada Training Quality Dojo Dengan Metode Quasi Eksperimen One Group Pretest Posttest Design 2023-12-31T11:35:58+00:00 Muhammad Ayasy Al Muhandis [email protected] Agung Riyadi [email protected] <p>Salah satu <em>Training</em> yang dilakukan di PT. Panasonic Industrial Devices batam yaitu <em>Training Quality Dojo</em>. <em>Training</em> ini bertujuan menyampaikan kepada karyawan supaya meningkatkan kualitas dan kuantitas dalam produktivitas serta untuk menghindari terjadinya kecelakaan kerja. Adanya kenaikan jabatan karyawan sebagai leader atau diatasnya sehingga diwajibkan untuk mengikuti <em>Training Quality Dojo</em>. Alhasil <em>Training Quality Dojo</em> cukup sering dilakukan dalam waktu dua kali dalam seminggu dan banyak memakan waktu dengan proses penyampaian materi sebelumnya masih dilakukan dengan menggunakan metode presentasi sehingga <em>trainer</em> menjelaskan materi secara satu persatu melalui <em>powerpoint</em>. Hal ini cukup dirasa kurang efektif sehingga dijadikanlah sebuah media informasi yang menarik dalam segi penyampaian materi yaitu motion grafis. Penyajian materi dalam bentuk <em>motion graphic</em> dapat lebih mudah untuk dipahami dan diilustrasikan melalui gambar dan suara sehingga tampilan lebih menarik, efektif serta dapat memperkuat dari materi yang disampaikan. Terdapat lima tahapan metode Villamil Molina yaitu development, preproduction, production, postproduction, dan delivery yang digunakan dalam pembuatan produk <em>motion graphic</em>. Selanjutnya, analisis produk dilakukan dengan menggunakan metode <em>Quasi Eksperimen One Group Pretest Posttest Design</em> metode ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui seberapa efektif materi yang disampaikan dalam bentuk animasi <em>motion graphic</em> untuk mengukur tingkat pemahaman responden dengan menggunakan <em>Uji Paired Sample T-Test</em>. Hasil dari penelitian ini berupa video <em>motion graphic</em> yang berisi tentang <em>Training Quality Dojo</em> dengan format Mp4, hasil dari analisis berdasarkan rumus Uji-t sampel menghasilkan nilai 6,211(t<sub>hitung</sub>) &gt; 2,45(t<sub>tabel</sub>) sehingga hipotesis penelitian Ho ditolak dan Ha diterima berdasarkan hasil uji Paired Sample T-Test sebesar 0.00 yang kurang dari tingkat signifikansi 0,05. Hal ini menunjukkan bahwa pemahaman materi responden meningkat secara rata-rata. Oleh karena itu, <em>Training Quality Dojo</em> dengan motion grafis&nbsp;sangat efektif untuk diterapkan.</p> 2023-12-31T11:34:52+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Potret Netnografi Masyarakat Terhadap Video Branding Majesty Group 2024-01-22T23:36:11+00:00 Evaliata Br Sembiring [email protected] Asna Diana [email protected] <p><em>Majesty Group is a parent company that has evolved in various business fields, especially in Batam City, and wants to build assets to be developed so that they can be known by the public. Company branding is very important, especially in today's digital age. Therefore, in this study, branding was made in the form of a Company Profile video. This study applies the R n D approach, namely making branding videos using the production stages on Villamil-Mollina and analyzing the influence of video in introducing the company with the Netnography approach. The result of the study was an increase in the percentage of public recognition of Majesty Group by 79.2%. Meanwhile, the introduction of the company based on Youtube data through the number of likes, views, and comments based on 4 features, including: Summary, Reach, Interaction and Audience, obtained an engagement rate reaching 4.0%. This indicates that the video as a company branding has a "High" value so that the resulting product has an influence in introducing the company.</em></p> 2024-01-22T23:36:11+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement##