Sentiment Analysis of Smartphone Accounting Application Users

  • Kholifah Fil Ardhi Politeknik Harapan Bersama
Keywords: Accounting Application, SMEs, Accounting Technology, Data Mining


The focus of this research is to summarize the reviews conducted by accounting application users to explore what aspects they like about the accounting application. This research uses review sentences with a total of 4923 review sentences on Google and Apple platforms. The review mining method used in this study implements the Feature-Based Summarization (FBS). The conclusion of this study is that there are six product features that are preferred by accounting application users. The product features are reports, transactions, bookkeeping, profit, category, and customers. This research has explored product features in accounting applications, but not all product features are discussed by users. Therefore, the discussion on review sentences focuses on the six product features. This study is able to provide practical recommendations to Small-Medium Enterprises (SMEs) actors in making smartphone-based application decisions they will use. This study recommends SMEs to use accounting applications with the above product features. This is because the strong discussion of opinions on product features explains the preference for product features for actors in helping them prepare financial reports. As qualitative research, this study does not have the ability to generalize the results of the study to a population.


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Ardhi, K. (2021). Sentiment Analysis of Smartphone Accounting Application Users. Journal of Applied Accounting and Taxation, 6(2), 161-174.