Desain dan Fabrikasi Alat Pengukur Tinggi Badan Otomatis

  • Aditya Gautama Darmoyono Politeknik Negeri Batam
Keywords: body height, automatic, ultrasonic sensor


The widespread of COVID-19 has changed the life and work habits of most people in the world. One of this change is the minimization of body contact between people. This change is being done to limit the spread of COVID-19 virus. In this research, the work habit that’s going to be changed is body height measurement in the work scope of health workers in posyandu and health clinic.  Before COVID-19 the height measurement is being done manually using stature meter. This methods increase the risk of COVID-19 virus spread between patients and health workers. The other problem is during manual height measurement there is a high risk of acquiring parallax error. This problem may cause different result of height measurement on a patient if being done by different health worker. To overcome both of these problems this device is created. The device is consist of a microcontroller, ultrasonic sensor, loudspeaker and a Bluetooth module. The Bluetooth module will enable the data to be sent to smartphone, while speaker will inform the result directly to patient. After being designed and fabricated, the device can be used to measure body height above 100 cm with average error 0.12%.


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